Stelco Inc. - Environmental Assessment to expand the on-site Quarry Landfill

Project Summary

Stelco Inc. (Stelco) is beginning an environmental assessment under the Environmental Assessment Act to expand the Quarry Landfill (Site) at its Lake Erie Works Facility in Nanticoke, Ontario.

Site Location Figure

Stelco is proposing to expand the existing Quarry Landfill to accommodate the on-site disposal of non-hazardous steelmaking secondary materials generated at the facility that cannot be reused or recycled, as well as the potential disposal of historical non-hazardous steel-making secondary materials from its Hamilton Works Facility, located approximately 70 km from the Site. It is estimated that the capacity of the existing Quarry Landfill will be reached by the end of 2023. Stelco is currently evaluating re-use and recycling opportunities for the historical non-hazardous secondary materials from the Hamilton Works; however, it is possible that some of these materials may need disposal and will be included in the volume required for the Quarry Landfill expansion. The proposed landfill expansion requires approval under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. The purpose of the Environmental Assessment is to identify alternatives and study the potential effects of the proposed landfill expansion on the environment.

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